about us

Our vision is a world where humans have access to space resources.

From Sweden,
with love.

porkchop is a Swedish startup designing and developing reusable in-space logistics vehicles.

We started in a basement - tinkering with electronics and dreaming about the future. Today, we're shaping it.


Meet the porkchoppers

Co-founder & ceo

Matija Milenovic

MSc Aerospace Engineering
Worked on various R&D projects at Ericsson and on Hyperloop

co-founder & coo

Victor Gonzalez

MSc Aerospace Engineering
Former engineer at Ford Motors
CubeSat Propulsion expertise

GNC Engineer

Tommaso Zanatta

MSc Space Engineering
Built 6 DoF RPOD simulator from scratch...
... then tested it on a drone

Electronic hardware engineer

Hamed Jouyandeh

MSc Electrical Engineering
Designed & built sun sensors and star
trackers from scratch

Systems engineer

Mahdi Arabi

MSc Aerospace Engineering
Designed and led CubeSat
development from whiteboard to testing

Mechanical Engineer

Cornelis Peter Hiemstra

MSc Spacecraft Design
Built a vacuum arc thruster and a
micro-thrust measurement setup


We've got Stockholm in our DNA. This is where the action is.

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