Meet porkchop M

Rapid and precise constellation deployment.

Rapid constellation

Speed is everything - deploy your
constellation in days instead of months

Precise deployment

Position the constellation exactly the way
you like it.


Need to replenish your constellation with more satellites ?
porkchop M does that too.

Reusable infrastructure

Reusability means splitting costs across many missions. Inquire to see how porkchop M’s reusability can benefit your business model

Swedish sustainability

Sustainability is baked into everything we do. porkchop M’s reusability enables unprecedented space sustainability

Tailored around your mission’s needs

Every constellation is different. Contact us to see how we can accomodate your requirements

Last-mile delivery in orbit

Access the orbit you want, not the one your launch vehicle takes everyone to.

Constellation deployment has never been this simple. Achieve your mission faster with porkchop M

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